Nevada Air Flight Simulator Aircraft 

and MORE

The aircraft below are all texture file modifications for some of our favorite  aircraft.

Texture modifications were made using the simple DXTBmp conversion program and Paint Shop Pro 

for graphic arts modification.

Should you like copies to fly or be able to see us as shown when flying multiple, make your request by e-mail to


Nevada Air Boeing 737-800

Nevada Air Boeing 747-400



Nevada Air BA 146 Green

Nevada Air BA 146 Blue



Southern Nevada Cargo BA 145

Nevada Air Airbus A-321


Nevada Air Guard F-18   (MS Acceleration pack required)


Other great texture aircraft additions available

US Air 737-800


American Airlines 737-800


Continental Air 737-800


Delta Air 747-2400



United Airlines 747-400


Hawaiian Airlines 747-400



Nevada Air DC-10 (non texture)


Southwest Airlines 737-800



Northwest Airlines Airbus 321-A


  United Ted Airbus 321-A


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