The Lakes Nevada


A special thanks to some caring folks

One Saturday morning, on my way for coffee, I saw cars stopped in the middle of Lake South, people standing in the middle of the street all with their  hands extended down and outward.  What a sight.  Curious motorist slowing down trying to see what such an unusual stance was all about.

No mystery, peeping between all the legs, and I mean peeping, there was mother duck and eight PEEPING little ones waddling down the center of Lake South.

All of these caring folks were protecting mom and her babies as mom was trying her best to make it to the lake.  No one was sure where they came from or why they were so far from any water but it was suspect they came from one of the fountains West of Fort Apache.

Well, they made it safe and sound to the lake.

What was interesting is after they were all in the water,  Momma duck turned around quacked and quacked as loud as she could.